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Hitachi screw type chiller accessories high pressure switchG7D06955F

Hitachi screw type chiller accessories high pressure switchG7D06955F

    • Hitachi screw type chiller accessories high pressure switchG7D06955F
    • Hitachi screw type chiller accessories high pressure switchG7D06955F
    • Hitachi screw type chiller accessories high pressure switchG7D06955F
    • Hitachi screw type chiller accessories high pressure switchG7D06955F
  • Hitachi screw type chiller accessories high pressure switchG7D06955F

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: japan
    Brand Name: HITACHI
    Model Number: G7D06955F

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: usd
    Packaging Details: wood
    Delivery Time: 8days
    Payment Terms: tt
    Supply Ability: 100
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    Detailed Product Description

    Hitachi screw type chiller accessories high pressure switchG7D06955F
    Hitachi screw type chiller accessories high pressure switchG7D06955F
    Main features
    The main types of pressure switches include the open type and the closed type. The main features are:
    1, adopts the imperial pipe thread fast joint or copper pipe welded installation structure, installation is flexible, easy to use, no need for special installation fixed.
    2, insert wire type connectors can be freely selected by the user.
    3, sealed stainless steel sensors are safe and reliable.
    The pressure range can be manufactured according to the pressure value arbitrarily selected by the user.
    A pressure switch is a device combined with an electrical switch. When a pre-set fluid pressure is reached, the contact is switched on and off. It is mainly used in the output of alarm or control signals on industrial equipment such as power plants, petrochemicals, and metallurgical industries. It has important uses in the industrial field and can prevent damage to important devices in production projects and avoid major production accidents.
    2. Pressure switch main sensitive element 2.1 bellows
    Features: Durability and vibration resistance are better than those of Borden tubes, and the range of connection difference can be adjusted. The main materials are stainless steel, phosphorus bronze, etc.. The price is relatively high, but the measurable pressure range is small, with a maximum of 40 MPa(CB33) 2.2 diaphragm.
    Features: Excellent corrosion resistance, the main materials are NBR, fluorine rubber, etc., such as CS, CL series use such sensitive components. Pressure switch quick and easy automatic selection included.
    Folding edit this paragraph for use
    Pressure switches are mechanical and electronic.
    Pressure switch
    Pressure switch
    G& The L electronic pressure switch is a high-precision instrument amplifier that amplifies the pressure signal, collects and processes data through high-speed MCU, and compensates with built-in precision sensors. It is a high-precision device that detects pressure and liquid level signals and realizes pressure and liquid level monitoring and control. It is widely used in automated systems for measuring gas and liquid pressure such as chemical, mechanical, hydrological, electric, and environmental protection. Because the adjustment is easy and flexible, the installation is simple and can replace most situations where liquid level switches are used.
    1, the product core adopts a new type of intelligent microprocessing chip, functional and practical performance is stable.
    2, LED shows the current pressure or liquid level value;
    3, pressure or liquid level can be set to start or stop according to their own needs;
    4, 4 LED products three units can be selected according to customer needs: Mpa, KG.F/CM2, PSI
    5, you can set the high and low pressure or liquid level alarm point, and output to the control device through relay or optical coupling; Output of dual-circuit relay(single knife double throw) switch quantity;
    6, two relays / two optical couples/bands 4-20 mA / 0-10V output can be selected;
    7, the use of high-precision pressure sensors, higher precision than the mechanical pressure switch, small delay, fast response, stable and reliable; To adjust the dead-free zone, relay action pressure points can be set arbitrarily in the entire range of measurement;
    8, the use of keys to adjust the action pressure, easy to use, more flexible; Protection Level: IP65, which can be used in harsh environments;
    Folding Technical Parameters
    Range range: -100 Kpa ~ 200 MPa;
    Power supply voltage: 12 ~ 35 V DC(24 V DC calibration voltage) / AC 220vAC power supply
    Output relay capacity: 380V 3A, 220V 5A, 24V DC 5A, etc..
    Precision: Better than 0.0.5 % FS, 1 % FS, etc..
    Setting range: full program segment can be set
    Sampling rate: 10 times per second(the required speed can be customized according to customer needs).
    Interface threads: M20 * 1.5, G1/4, G1/2, 1/4 NPT(customized to customer needs)
    Folding operation instructions
    Digital pressure switch is an intelligent control instrument that integrates pressure measurement, display, and control. It has the characteristics of simple operation, good vibration resistance, high control accuracy, and long service life.
    Practice Note Take the MD-S910 smart pressure switch as an example:
    Pressure switch
    Pressure switch
    1. Pressure Display Window
    2. MPa unit indicator light
    3. Kg/cm unit indicator light
    4. PSI unit indicator light
    5. Run indicator light
    6. Lower indicator light
    7. Ceiling indicator
    8. Power indicator
    9. (ON / OFF) Run Key
    10. Digital Minus Key(<UNK>)
    11. Digital Add Key(<UNK>)
    12. Set SET Key
    13. Pressure Installation Port
    Folding Settings
    Key Definition Description
    1. (ON/OFF) Run key: System Run key, parameter setting must close the run key, otherwise the setting can not be performed.
    2. (SET) Set key: Press this button to enter the upper and lower pressure setting state, and press 3 seconds to enter the system setting state.
    3. Add key(<UNK>): The number of buttons is increased by 0.01 MP at a time, and the number is increased by 0.1 MPa after 2 seconds.
    4. Minus key(<UNK>): The number of buttons is reduced by 0.01 MP at a time, and the number is reduced by 0.1 MPa after 2 seconds.
    Folding edit this paragraph operation method
    1. Set a way to control pressure
    (1) Press the(ON / OFF) running key, turn off the running indicator, and the pressure control system is closed.
    (2) Establishment of upper / lower control limits
    Press the SET key once and enter the lower limit setting state(corresponding to the lower limit indicator light). Set the value by(<UNK>)(<UNK>). After the lower limit is set, press the SET key to enter the upper limit setting. The setting method is the same.
    (3) After the setting is completed, press the ET key to automatically store the setting value on the computer chip(after the parameter is modified, no key operation will automatically save the current parameter setting within 5 seconds).
    (4) Press the(ON / OFF) running key again(the corresponding running indicator light is on) and the motor begins to work.
    2. Unit switching method: Short press(ON/OFF) running key, turn off running indicator light, short press increase key(<UNK>) can switch units between MPa, Kg/cm, PSI. Turn on the running indicator when setting is complete.
    3. Zero position zero function: Short press(ON/OFF) run key, turn off running indicator light, long press reduce key(<UNK>) 5 seconds can zero the current pressure value, correct zero position error. Turn on the running indicator when setting is complete. (When using this function, pressure switches must not exert pressure. )
    System Function Mode
    Press the SET key for 3 seconds to enter the system settings, and then press the SET key to display the following function patterns.
    After all functional mode settings are completed, press(ON / OFF) to run the setting value automatically into the computer chip.
    Function Mode
    Function Details
    Setting Method
    Boot check
    Close / Open
    Function opening: The relay stays closed for 1 minute after boot, and the relay continues to open even if the pressure exceeds the upper limit setting value.
    To prevent the motor from being started, the pressure in the tube changes instantaneously, causing the motor to start frequently.
    After entering the system settings, the function is turned on or off by adding keys(<UNK>) / reducing keys(<UNK>), and the underscore is indicated as the default function.
    Automatic pressure check
    Turn On / Off
    Functional opening: After the relay is closed, the controller can not detect pressure changes for 3 minutes and will automatically disconnect the relay and alert the "E-1" on the screen.
    Avoid water drain, pipe leakage pressure and other causes the measured pressure for a long time to reach the upper limit, resulting in the motor idling.
    After entering the system settings, the function is turned on or off by adding keys(<UNK>) / reducing keys(<UNK>).
    Overpressure self-examination
    Close / Open
    Function turn on: When the pressure is greater than(upper limit + 0.1 MPa), disconnect the relay, the screen alarm shows "E-2", when the pressure is back below(upper limit + 0.1 MPa), the alarm is cancelled, and the controller resumes work.
    Remind the customer control system that there is pressure beyond the control limit. Please check if the system is abnormal.
    After entering the system settings, the function is turned on or off by adding keys(<UNK>) / reducing keys(<UNK>).
    Control Delay
    H001/H000 Close / Open
    Function Open: When the pressure reaches the action point, the controller does not immediately move, delays the action, and delays the time of the action.
    Setting the control delay can prevent the pressure in the tube from being unstable, and the guidance call will be frequently started and the motor will be damaged.
    After switching H001 to H000, press the SET key to display "0010". Change this value by the(<UNK>)(<UNK>) key in seconds. The default is 10 seconds. Press the SET key to save the setting and jump out.
    Parameter protection
    Close / Open
    Function open: Press any key other than the(ON / OFF) run key, the screen will display "--", at this time you need to enter a password to set the upper and lower limits and other parameters.
    The parameters set by the protection engineer are not modified.
    When "--" is displayed, the password is entered through the(<UNK>) key, the SET key is shifted, and the password is "1111". After short confirmation by the SET key, the parameter setting can be performed. When the system reruns, it automatically enters

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